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Crickhowell Community Primary School

Crickhowell Community Primary School

Year 6



                          Information for Parents – Autumn 2018        




Topic for this term:

Warrior Princess

Any further details about this term’s topic:

Warrior Princess- A history and culture project

Who was Gwenllian? Why is she remembered as a warrior princess? We will be exploring these questions and more about Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd and her impact on the history of Wales. We will be finding out:

  • ·         Who she was
  • ·         What she did during the Norman invasion of Wales
  • ·         What influences she and her family has on Welsh history and culture.

We will be focussing on poetry and discussion writing during this topic.

Darwin Delight

Ship ahoy! We’re off on an exciting journey with Charles Darwin and his crew on the HMS Beagle.

During this half term, we’re going to investigate a range of animal specimens, describing the characteristics of the creatures, and labelling their body parts using software. We’ll use a range of non-fiction books to investigate adaptation, natural selection, variation and inheritance. After examining letters and journal entries written by Darwin, we’ll write our own examples. We’ll collect natural items and discover what plants live around our school. We’ll retrace Darwin’s steps using maps and create sketchbooks to record the plants, flowers and trees we encounter. Using maps and globes, we’ll plan an expedition. What will the weather be like and what physical and man-made features might we encounter?

Days which PE kit will be needed:

Year 6- Monday outdoor kit. Wednesday indoor kit

Please can PE kit be in school every day as the timetabled day may occasionally change.   

Days homework will be set:


Days homework is to be handed in:


Any other ways parents can help

If you have any information or knowledge on the topics we are studying, please contact the school office. We welcome talks from parents!

We would appreciate your support this term with listening to your child read regularly and practising the multiplication tables.

Any other general reminders

 Your child will need a healthy snack at break time.

Please ensure that the appropriate school uniform and footwear is worn.

Cloakroom doors get locked shortly after 9am. Children arriving after that must use the main front door.

Please can you remind your child to walk their bike/ scooter on to the school yard before and after school to avoid any accidents