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Crickhowell Community Primary School

Crickhowell Community Primary School

After School Club

Mrs Dykes and Mrs Davies oversee the running of after-school club. The club; Crickhowell Community Primary After School Club is independent of the school, though it rents school premises for the running of the club.

The club is registered with the Charities Commission and is a 'not for profit' organisation that exist to provide a service for the parents of pupils at Crickhowell Primary School.

The 'after school club' runs for one hour and 55 minutes from 3.20pm -5.15pm.

Payment and registration will be completed through the number listed below.


The phone will be on during the day to take messages, though staff wll be working with the exception of lunchtimes when they will check messages.

The outline for the weeks activities are below:

Monday-Messy Monday, craft and painting

Tuesday-Tuneful Tuesday-music jam, dance beats, just dance

Wednesday- Weird Wednesday-horrible histories, science

Thursday-Thinking Thursday-mindfulness, healthy snacks cooking , team sports and games

Friday-Fun Friday-table tennis, zipwire and fun activities!

We will aim to provide healthy snacks, such as, vegetable batons with dips, fruit salad and yoghurt, toast, milk, water, squash, sandwiches.