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Crickhowell Community Primary School

Crickhowell Community Primary School

Year 5

Information for Parents – Autumn 2019                                    




Topic for this term:

Stargazers and Frozen Kingdom

Any further details about this term’s topic:


Journey through space, the final frontier ... Navigate beyond the Sun: the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our Solar System! Investigate the eight planets and beyond and take a look at the moon. 

In Literacy, we will write moon myths, carry out research and write newspaper reports. In Maths, we will be calculating the distances between planets. We will use Augmented Reality to bring the planets to life. In Science we will be finding out how the craters were formed.  In addition to these, the children will be answering their own questions about space. Plus, we have a trip to the planetarium. 


Frozen Kingdom

After half term, we will be finding out about the planet's coldest lands. We will explore the geography of the polar regions, find out about the history of the explorers and try to use design skills to build an igloo. In Literacy, we will write chronological reports, diaries, letters and Haiku poetry. In Maths, we will explore negative numbers, measurements and temperatures in detail. As climate change is an important current issue, we will explore the effects of it on the polar regions in particular.  

Days which PE kit will be needed:

Please could PE kit be in school every day as the timetabled day may occasionally change.   

Days homework will be set:


Days homework is to be handed in:


Any other ways parents can help

If you have any information or knowledge on the topics we are studying, please contact the school office. We welcome talks from parents!

We would appreciate your support this term with listening to your child read regularly and practising the multiplication tables. Reading book and reading record should be in school every day.

Any other general reminders

 Your child will need a healthy snack at break time.

Please ensure that the appropriate school uniform and footwear is worn.

Cloakroom doors get locked shortly after 9am. Children arriving after that must use the main front door.

Please can you remind your child to walk their bike/ scooter on to the school yard before and after school to avoid any accidents. 

Harvest will be celebrated on Friday 25th October at St Edmunds.